Antony Groves-Raines «Hans Andersen’s Fairy Tales»

A beautifully illustrated compendium featuring 15 fairy tales by the master Danish storyteller. These include classics like The Nightingale, The Snow Queen, The Emperor’s New Clothes, and The Little Mermaid, as well as lesser known works such as The Swineherd, The Shepherdess and the Chimney-Sweep, and The Garden of Paradise.
Illustrated with 8 exquisite colour plates, plus many superb b&w drawings. Pastedowns and endpapers depict a lovely colour illustration of wild strawberries.

Katherine Milhous «The egg tree»

«The Egg Tree» is a 1950 book by Katherine Milhous that won the 1951 Caldecott Medal, based on the author’s family tradition. It tells the classic tale of a Pennsylvania Dutch Easter, with its main characters being Katy and Carl. One day, near Easter, they look for Easter eggs and found eggs that their grandmother had painted on a tree. They were interested, so they ask their grandmother about the eggs. They eventually create one, and it becomes a big success the next Easter. The book «The egg tree» is an illustrated book, with the image of a rooster blowing a horn standing on an decorated Easter egg on the cover of the book. Bright colors yellow in contrast with green. The illustration goes on through the pages with a Pennsylvania Dutch traditions of art that can be considered eye pleasing and easy to read.