Борис Калаушин «Что за кони»

Задорные и забавные считалки разных народов талантливый поэт Яков Сатуновский играючи переложил на русский язык, а замечательный художник-график Борис Калаушин нарисовал к ним яркие и весёлые иллюстрации. Эти строчки с азартом заучивали и использовали в играх дети России и Украины, Литвы и Польши, Чехии и Германии. Потому что какое же детство без весёлой игры, а игра — без забавной считалки?

Charles Keeping «Wizards and wampum»

Seven Iroquois legends about talking animals, wizards, and magic.

The stories within this book are from the Iroquois. They had many beliefs that may seem odd to us such as; humans could turn themselves into animals, any person could be possessed and turned into a witch or wizard. The folktales told here show the animals that the Iroquois interacted with. The illustrations in this book are in ink or pen and they are a delightful addition to the stories.

Gerald McDermott «Anansi the Spider»

Anansi the Spider is one of the great folk heroes of the world. He is a rogue, a mischief maker, and a wise, lovable creature who triumphs over larger foes.

In this traditional Ashanti tale, Anansi sets out on a long, difficult journey. Threatened by Fish and Falcon, he is saved from terrible fates by his sons. But which of his sons should Anansi reward? Calling upon Nyame, the God of All Things, Anansi solves his predicament in a touching and highly resourceful fashion.

In adapting this popular folktale, Gerald McDermott merges the old with the new, combining bold, rich color with traditional African design motifs and authentic Ashanti language rhythms.

Anansi the Spider is a 1973 Caldecott Honor Book.