Lynne Cherry «When I’m sleepy»

In this quiet, gentle story, a little girl wonders what it would be like to sleep as various animals do. She imagines herself in a cozy nest with a bird, on a log with a turtle, in a bear’s den, hanging from a tree with a bat. At the end, the little girl is in her own bed, dozing off with the (stuffed) sleeping animals on a shelf beside her. The full-page and double-page illustrations are painted in softened but rich colors with pen-and-ink detail. Each animal is seen in its habitat, often with other animals and plant life. The scenes are warm and comforting. The brief text has a lulling effect, with just a few well-chosen words per page. A nice addition to bedtime story collections.

Beyond a doubt, the author and the artist possess intimate knowledge of small children. Creating a lulling bedtime audiovisual diversion, Howard’s story and Cherry’s pictures are mutually enhancing, revealing a child’s sleepy fantasies. She lies in bed and wishes she could curl up in a basket with a cat or in a downy nest with baby birds, sometimes hugged by a friendly raccoon in his hollow log. . . . The book should appeal to parents looking for ways to settle down active little boys and girls who will tune into the narrator’s imagination and lose themselves in the lovely, full-color dream scenes.

Lynne Cherry «A river ran wild»

Когда-то индейцы жили бок-о-бок с рекой Нашуа как с добрым соседом: ловили рыбу, занимались охотой и собирательством, разбивали огороды на берегах. В 17 веке в долине появились англичане, которые постепенно уничтожили старый мир. Сначала строили мельницы и мастерские, потом заводы и фабрики, и к 1960-м годам Нашуа было не узнать. Из-за слива токсичных отходов в реку она побурела, погибла вся рыба, в реке было опасно купаться.