Adrienne Segur «Le Chat Jérémie et autres histoires de chats»

Иллюстратор Adrienne Segur
Популярные сказки
Страна Франция
Год издания 1965
Издательство Flammarion

Baba Yaga’s Cat

The Boy who Drew Cats

Butter-Ears the Cat

The Cat, the Fox, and the Little Rooster

Jeremy the Cat, Lord of the Forest

The Owl and the Pussycat

The Legend of Patripat the Cat

How Cats Came to Purr

Queen Cat

The Repentant Cat

The Cat and the Sick Chicken

That Stupid Jack and his Cat

The Cat with the Crooked Tail

The Talking Cat

Three Who Spun

The Tip of the Tail of the Cat

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